How Does Tarot Work?

Disclaimer: This post is literally just how I, as an individual, believe tarot works. Though I have done lots of research and use tarots myself, there may be those who disagree with me. Their beliefs are just as valid.

Tarot Cards Cannot Read The Future

Before I started using tarot cards as a daily ritual, it was of my understanding that they were created to magically tell the future. This is incredibly wrong. They are just a pack of cards that have lots of generalised meaning behind them, so that anyone who reads it can interpret them in their own way.

What They Do

Tarot cards are so much have a much more important ability than being able to tell the future.

They have absolutely no psychic powers, instead they let you understand yourself better.

I find this incredibly interesting, as someone who truly enjoys psychology. Tarots are broadly used to identify what to do next, and how you see the outcome of a situation.

When performing a tarot reading, you shuffle the deck with the images facing away from you with a question in mind. There are plenty of spreads where multiple cards are used, but to make this explanation a lot easier to understand, I’ll use an example with one card.

If you were to shuffle the deck and ask how your day will go, you would choose a card at random and look at the image. Each and every single card in a tarot deck has both an upright and reversed meaning. This is for when you select a card that is upside down when turn it right side up.

Every single symbol in a deck has both a positive meaning, and a negative one.

For example, if you were to pick the Devil card, the upright meaning of it would be along the lines of the reader being tied to a commitment that is enslaving them, with an insight of how it’s just their perception that allows the enslavement to continue, and to follow their instincts as it can be solved in one jump.

Whereas, in it’s reverse position the devil reveals a damaging imbalance of opposites. It warns, typically, that you should listen to the angel on your shoulder and ignore gossip and manipulation from others. In other words, listen to morality over gratification.

As I was typing this up, I thought of a specific situation it could be warning me of specifically. I feel it’s safe to assume that you may have done the exact same thing while reading this post.

That in itself is how tarot works.

Tarot it a lot more powerful than being able to tell the future, it gives you insight on how you feel about specific events, different people, and gives you insight into what you may be more self conscious about.

Hello! I hope this post clears some things up! If not, feel free to ask me questions in the comments and I will try my very best to clarify.

Thank you tons for reading, if you have anything else you would like me to cover, I am open to suggestions.

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