What Makes Me Feel Beautiful

I thought it would be useful for me to stray away from my normal blog posts that need disclaimers and are a little more wordy. Though I do admittedly know all about witchcraft and the like, I know even more about myself.

After asking people on Vent what they would like to see me post about, I was rather pleased that people were interested in what makes me feel beautiful, as I think the concept of a teenage girl at the peak of change feeling beautiful isn’t spoken about enough. I’m extremely proud to be a teenage girl battling with mental illness who can proudly and genuinely say “I feel beautiful”. There aren’t enough people in general, male or female, that can say that, and believe it

So, here’s what makes me feel beautiful:


I’m not sure what it is, but there’s just something about meditating that makes me feel very free and liberated from the distressing thoughts that would circle my head at night without it. I feel most like my most authentic self when I have used mindful meditation to no longer identify myself with just my brain, but see myself for what I am.

This may not be something that enhances my physical beauty, but if I see the world for what it is, it’s easier for me to grasp the idea that physical beauty doesn’t matter – meditation is the most spiritually and mentally cleansing tool I have.

Carrying around specific gemstones with me during the day.

Every single day before I go to college or work, I select a tarot card to help guide me through the day, and put it in a pouch with gemstones I have carefully selected. I carry with me lapis lazuli, red jasper but most importantly tigers eye. This is because I firmly believe that the knowledge that I have these three gemstones, with their remarkable qualities, gives me a little extra power as I go about my day.

As a witch, I truly believe that these gemstones promote certain emotions and luck, tigers eye is known very much for its confidence boosting qualities, and that is why I love it so much. Not only that but I feel some sort of connection with it, and I would feel like I’m missing something without it.

Spraying rose water on my face

It is widely known that roses are the symbol of beauty and love, plus they smell beautiful as well. Regardless of if I’m wearing makeup, whenever I spray rose water on my face and gently rub it into my skin, I feel an extra little boost on how beautiful I feel on the outside. I feel a connection towards roses as their smell is simply my favourite, and my middle name is Rose, so it seems to fit very well. It also was one of the first things I learned to draw to an impressive standard.

When I walk around knowing that my face has soaked in the rose water and all it’s amazing properties, I feel a little skip in my step.

Comfortable clothes

This is a very very big one for me as I simply cannot feel like myself and go about my day without major obstacles if the whole time I’m thinking about how my stomach is exposed, or how tight my jeans are on my inner thighs.

However, when I wear my fuzzy socks, leggings and an over-sized hoodie (preferably one of my boyfriend’s) , I feel like myself and I feel liberated because I don’t have to worry about chafing when I stretch my legs out, or people taking extra notice of my body instead of what I’m saying. I can just be myself without my ego getting in the way.


Everyone feels good when they’re kind to someone, and I’m certainly no exception. When I know I have made someones day in one way or another, whether it’s complimenting them or making sure they have enough money for the bus, I feel a lot of pride in what I’ve done and a lot of peace from knowing that I have improved someone else’s day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

It’s a small thing, but that’s why it’s so great. No matter how badly the rest of the day has gone, knowing I have been as kind as I could at every opportunity I’ve been given honestly makes a world of difference.

It is so important to be what you’d like to see in other people.

My Boyfriend

I know, typical teenage girl answer.

My boyfriend is the single greatest influence I have in my life, not only because the fact someone as incredible as him sees something in me, and tries to show me as much at every chance he gets, but because he’s taught me a lot more about myself than anyone else. He is my best friend and my love all wrapped up in one.

He provides me with the laughter I need to make light of a situation, and the comfort I need when it feels like I’ve given up on myself.

But the most important thing he has taught me out of all is that I would still be just as beautiful, with just as much potential without him, and that I’ve always had all these things, he is just an amazing help in showing me it.

2 thoughts on “What Makes Me Feel Beautiful

  1. I love how you put your life on display in this blog post. Honesty is key to a fulfilled life. Keep writing from the heart and every else will fall into place. Happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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