Little Things That Make Me Happy

This week has been an absolute nightmare filled with tears, frustration and an impressive amount of moping. I feel that this has been the same for the majority of people as those around me have been saying the same sorts of things, and there have been a lot of popular twitter posts about it on my feed this week

It is now a Sunday of a miserable week, so I felt it was the perfect time to write about what got me through it. I am one of the most easily pleased people I know, so hopefully this is very beneficial and what I’m about to mention is easily accessible.

Fuzzy Socks

Anyone that knows me at all knows that I have a bit of an obsession with cute socks to the point where I have had to put myself on a personal sock budget so I do not buy too many pairs.

Cute little patterned or fuzzy socks give me a little skip in my step because not only are my tiny feet cosy, but even if I am wearing a really boring outfit, knowing that I have socks covered in little cats, or with colourful pastel stripes all over makes me feel more cheerful and a bit more interesting.

I even have special pair of lucky bug socks covered in pictures of little bugs and leaves which I wear whenever I feel that I need a little extra bit of luck.

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I understand that by this point I’m starting to sound like an old woman, but something about lighting a candle makes me feel very homely and cosy. It also ties into my beliefs as a witch as I feel different colours and scents of candles bring about different emotions.

For example, when I light a white candle in my room, not only do I have the benefits of feeling cosy and peaceful like with any other candle, but I believe that the light that comes from a white candle cleanses a room of negative energies, and almost resets the room. It’s like a complete detox of my emotions all from the light of a little wax candle.

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I am absolutely crazy when it comes to tea, specifically kitchen tea, it makes me feel cosy and warm, it tastes sweet and it is almost impossible for me to not feel calm when I’m drinking tea and relaxing with my little fuzzy socks and a lit candle.

I also practice herbalism on the side and really enjoy making my own mint tea from the mint leaves I grow in my garden. It’s a mixture of feeling refreshed and promoting clarity.

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Essential Oils

Much like how I use rose spray to feel more beautiful, I often dot essential oils on my temples, inner wrists and the pulse above my neck to bring about the different emotions that each oil correlates to. To feel calm, I dot lavender, to feel more focused and awake I dot a blend of eucalyptus and mint, and for happiness I dot sweet orange.

This is also great for aromatherapy.


Mindfulness and meditation is an integral tool to feeling happy as it is all about living in the moment. For me, it almost completely dispels temporary depression and stress as it resets my brain and allows me to not worry about the next day or procrastinate the events that have happened in the past.

This really links in to my next point:

The Right Mindset

The wonderful thing about life is that it genuinely is what you make of it. It’s absolutely fascinating that our lives, on the most part, genuinely depend on the way we allow ourselves to perceive it.

My boyfriend often tells me that the key to happiness to to just “be happy”, and though at times it makes me want to punch him in the face because it’s not easy to achieve, he is completely right. It is not an easy task, but it definitely is a simple one.

If you ruminate on how terrible you feel, you rob yourself of the opportunity to look at the small acts of kindness that happen all around you all the time, or how pretty the flowers outside are.

It is so very important that you allow yourself to feel happiness, and allow yourself to enjoy the little things. This is what allowed me to get through the past week when I truly believed at times that I wouldn’t.

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