Motivating Myself with Magickal Materials

After a series of polls, I noticed that a lot of people were very interested in witchcraft, and what I had to say about it, and they wanted to hear some alternatives to motivating themselves. So, here I am!

In order to motivate myself, I perform lots of little rituals throughout the day such as lighting candles, anointing my temples, throat and heart with essential oils, and carrying around gemstones that correlate with motivation.

I also perform rebirth rituals every so often, which are long and extremely thoroughly thought through. For now, however, I will speak about materials that you can use throughout your day that are more easily accessible for the average person – not everyone has the time to write their own spells and take 45 minutes out for meditation and mantras.

If you would like an example of how to create a ritual or spell to start anew, feel free to say so in the comments, and I’ll create a separate post for it :).

Here is a list of different materials you can use throughout your daily life in order to improve your motivation:

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Scents that promote Motivation

Eucalyptus & Mint blend – by mixing together both eucalyptus and mint oils, you are blending the clarity and concentration properties that eucalyptus has, and the energy promoting properties that mint has. For me, this gives me the extra boost I need to focus more on my college work.

Orange – both the scent and the colour orange are extremely good at stimulating energy in a physical sense, and a mental one. If you need motivation and drive to complete certain tasks, I find it helpful to dot some sweet orange essential oils on my temples, and to light candles that are coloured orange. It’s probably so effective as it is well known to uplift mood.

Peppermint – Though I have already mentioned mint before, peppermint specifically stimulates and enlivens the mind, and is one of the best oils to boost energy and learning. It is a common oil, but can also be used in herbal teas. It is one of my favourite just because of how easily accessible it is.

Vanilla Bean – I love the smell and taste of vanilla. The magickal uses of it include love, lust, passion, and restoring lost energy.

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Herbs & Plants

Basil – Though it’s such a common herb, it is amazing at improving mental fatigue and focus.

Lemon Balm – Lemon balm is one of my absolute favourite herbs for making herbal tea, and luckily for me it’s a brilliant stress reliever and an energy-boosting plant. If you aren’t a big fan of tea, you can always rub a lemon balm leaf on your skin as it leaves a pretty lemon scent.

Oregano – Oregano is amazing with pasta, but it is also amazing when it comes to adding a little more energy and strength into your day.

Sunflower – Sunflowers are incredibly beautiful and can give anyone a little skip in their step from how bright and joyful they are. It is good for promoting protection, energy, power, wisdom and can help bring luck your way.

Tangerine – Tangerines are tasty and sweet, and effective at awakening joy, dispelling negativity, and granting whoever uses it with added energy.

Vanilla Bean – When carried, it increases energy and strengthens mental abilities

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Gemstones / Crystals

Red jasper – Red jasper is very good for motivation on its own, and I’m always carrying some with me to college in a little pouch with other gemstones.

Tiger’s Eye – I always am raving about tiger’s eye as it is one of my favourite gemstones. They symbolise prosperity, inspire confidence and can help with making the right decisions when presented with hard to make choices. Golden ones in particular are good for enhancing focus if that’s where your motivation falls short.

Clear Quartz – This is an extremely diverse and common crystal.It’s magickal properties range from power, psychic ability, healing, protection, and – most importantly for motivation – energy.

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