Stop Putting so Much Pressure on Yourself

To Lottie,

You just spent 20 minutes thinking about the thumbnail for this post, and I know that you’ll spend 20 minutes once you’ve finally written this to edit out all of the different parts where you have gotten “too personal” with what you’re struggling with at the moment, and then an additional 20 minutes thinking about whether or not you should post this. So I’m typing this all in one go because I’m sick of what you’re doing to me.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

You have spent ridiculous amounts of time ruminating on absolutely everything that has happened to you over the past couple of years, you have spent countless hours draining your energy through obsessing over whether or not you’re good enough and putting so much unnecessary thought into the fact that you’re not reaching your completely unrealistic standards.

I am tired of the stress-induced headaches you keep giving me, and not acknowledging. I’m tired of the fact that you keep procrastinating about your wasted potential. But what I am most tired of, over everything else, is the fact that you acknowledge you have wasted potential, and know that it’s because you make yourself ill over your fascination with being perfect. You refuse to let yourself relax because you’re so irrationally afraid of what will happen if you do.

I can’t let you keep doing this to me.

There’s little point in crying about the fact that you don’t let yourself relax or that you keep obsessing over not being good enough, if I don’t also remind you of how incredible you are despite making yourself overwhelmingly ill – I won’t feel any better if I don’t at least try to beat this awful habit of pressuring myself before I finally allow myself to take a break.

You have total control over your mind, and I have faith that everything will work out. Your reality is created in your mind, and you have the power to control your reality. The presence of another person’s beauty is not the absense of your own.

You have earned all of the happiness you have received and all that you have achieved – there is absolutely no reason for you to have to prove your worth to justify experiencing happiness.

Although absolutely incredible, your brain has the tendency to convince you of things that are simply not true, and you allow it to run away with these beliefs. It is time for you to pacify it and stop agreeing with every negative thought that pops into your head just to torture yourself.

There is no time frame for recovery, and those who deserve the final product will stay with you through it all. You don’t need to convince others to stick by you if they’re meant to be in your life. Stop agonising over making sure your loved ones stick by you, the only love that you depend on is your own. You need to start giving yourself love.

Stop putting pressure on yourself.

What is meant to fall into place will do so naturally.

You can’t rush a masterpiece.

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