My Blogging Goals in 2020

I figured that I would start my 2020 with a short but sweet post about my successes with and the direction I want to go with it this year!

I began this blog in October 2019, and in the last 3 months have managed to reach 35 followers and accumulate approximately 600 views in 23 different countries. This may not sound like a lot compared to other blogs, but it is a very big deal to me considering I’ve only made a handful of posts.

I feel that so far I have managed to make posts that I am proud of and share a lot of the little wisdom I do have on a variety of topics such as mental wellbeing and neuroscience. However, I would like to cover much more topics in the future such as ecology and philosophy- which I’ve already got lots of plans for!

I would also like to show my appreciation for the loyal viewers I do have by posting more frequently on my blog and on my social media, which I’ll link at the bottom of this post (nudge, nudge) as I feel that I could be doing a lot more interaction with fellow bloggers and more with my accounts in general.

I don’t like setting very specific goals in terms of blogging or my personal life as my perfectionist self struggles if I don’t meet them, so a much more vague approach is what helps me be as calm and productive as I possibly can be. With that beings said, if you do have any suggestions on what I should – or shouldnt – post, I would be extremely grateful to hear about it in the comments below!

Thank you so much for contributing to my goals in 2019 🙂

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