Personal Goals for 2020

Yesterday, I made a post about my blogging goals for this year, but I felt that it would be more appropriate to include my own personal life goals in it’s own separate post.

My 2019 was filled with success, I entered a healthy long-term relationship, gained a stronger sense of self and an abundance of fuzzy socks – all of which I am proud to take with me into this year.

I am not sure what is to come, but I am extremely optimistic and know that regardless, everything will be okay. 2019 showed me that I am an extremely strong person and am capable of achieving more than I knew I could in a single day than I once was when at my lowest points which I nobally persevered through.

I am starting off this year making a promise to myself that no matter what comes my way, I am certain to get through it as I am the only thing I need to keep going and achieve incredible things despite the overwhelming gratitude I feel towards whomever helps me along the way.

I promise to no longer compare myself to others nor insult myself as I am enough as I am, and the presence of another person’s beauty will never ever be the absence of my own.

With that being said, there are some areas that I want to improve upon over the next 365 days in all aspects of my life which I’m really looking forward to. This is why I felt that it’d be fitting to create my very first bucket list of the year that I want to achieve by the end of December 2020:

Bucket List 2020

  • Design my first tattoo
  • Celebrate my 18th birthday with loved ones
  • Dye my hair crimson red (Like Kat from Victorious)
  • Practice mindfulness more often
  • Become a wiser, more well-rounded individual
  • Exercise more frequently than last year
  • Follow a routine for an extended period of time
  • Put my everything in all that I do
  • Draw something that I’m really proud of
  • Learn how to play chess
  • Grow more herbs
  • Read 3 books
  • Bake a cake
  • Learn how to play a new song on the ukulele
  • Learn how to play a new song on the guitar
  • Stop stalking other peoples’ socials
  • Be genuinely happy

[Last amended: April 1st 2020]

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