Selfcare During House Arrest

In this blog post, I will be writing about my plans to take care of myself whilst I am quarantined in my house. I am fortunate enough to not be in total lockdown, but to take care of myself, I will be keeping going outside to a minimum, i.e. going to the shops only when totally necessary.

Being stuck in a house all day, everyday for an indefinite amount of time is scary, especially when you are someone like me who struggles to keep yourself preoccupied and can fall into thought tunnels when left on your own for an extended period of time. For that reason alone, I hope that sharing how I intend to keep myself safe will help others.

Creating a Routine

For me, I am quite the perfectionist when it comes to routines and for this reason I can struggle to keep on top of them as i ruminate over each step. So, to help myself, I make sure that I keep my routines minimalist and vague to ensure that I can celebrate what little work I do, as long as I do some work towards my goals. Here is an example:

As you can see, the tasks listed above are quite simple, such as my “do some work towards next blog post”, this is because I do not need to put pressure on myself during this already stressful time period, and therefore feel that it is best for myself to interpret this in whatever way I can. Additionally, I can either interpret this by simply jotting down some ideas for future posts, or by creating a whole new blog post like this one.

Setting a simple routine for each day is always good for compartmentalising different things throughout the day, and can also help yourself to feel productive despite potentially not having a job at the moment as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, I feel that this plan will help stop me from procrastinating and perhaps becoming self indulgent in a time where I have less outside responsibilities stopping me from doing so.

Start a New Project

Fortunately for myself, I have college work that I can do online and so my project is to simply make notes every day and spend 30 minutes each on three different assignments each day. This keeps me preoccupied and helps me feel more connected to my usual routine.

However, if you are not as fortunate as I am, I would recommend starting your own project. This can be as simple as trying out a new language on Duolingo every day for 10 minutes, or reading a set number of books over 2 weeks. No matter how big or small the project is, I feel like always having a realistic goal to work towards significantly impacts mental health – humans are not built to go long periods of time without working towards goals.

Social Interaction

This is massive during this pandemic. Humans are not built to go long periods without goals, but we are also not built to be restricted to one place for long periods of time without social interaction, but this can be extremely difficult to achieve if you live on your own.

Presumably, you have some sort of technology and access to the internet in order to read this blog post, which puts you at an advantage when it comes to keeping up with your social needs at current. Here is what I am doing/have done to keep up with my social needs:

  • Created and joined public discord servers to make new friends, so I have a place I can go to to talk to people I do not normally speak to.
  • Ensuring to sit down with my family for a little bit every day
  • Talking to my cats. A lot. (Though I do that usually)
  • Call someone every day
  • Message my friends to double check how they are doing during this crisis

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